20 hours in Ibaraki, and how I escape from the earthquake


On friday morning before the earthquake happens, I had one bread and then went for interview in Ibaraki, north of Tokyo.

After I finished my interview, I went back to the station by Taxi.

On the way going back, suddenly the big earthquake happens. The old taxi driver told me that this is the greatest one he had ever experienced, and this will be very serious. Then we saw some parts of building collapsed, wall and tree fall down.

He sent me to the train station, but told me that it is impossible for the train to move, and told me to take care. That's all he can do.

In the train station (in some rural area), there's around 200 hundred people gathering there, all standing outside the open space. The building kept on shaking, and everyone just don't know what to do. I saw some people crying because they can't find their parents, and in contrast some people are some happy when they finally met someone they know. Then sound of fire engines, ambulance and helicopter can be heard everywhere.

Then suddenly 2 ppl came to me, said 'sensei' (doctor). (maybe because I am still in suit) After talked with them I knew that they are doctors came for an important conference, and I decided to follow them. (If I didn't follow them I guess I would be directionless, just like many people wandering at the station) They told me the most important thing we should do is reserving energy, should go to some shelters to stay away from the cold wind.

The sun starts to set, the city would be in total darkness. The doctors said we must find somewhere to hide from coldness, when there's still sun light. By following them, we walked to the hotel where they had their conference.

In the hotel, there's still reserved electricity, which would stand for another 3 hours. We met some doctors there, around 20 people. Luckily there's still some food left in the hotel, and I had one onigiri.

We did some preparation where there's still electricity. Everyone had a blanket and stay in the lobby. After a while, the reserved electricity gone. Luckily there's two hotel buses there. They turned on the engine, open the headlight, point towards the direction that we can run away if anything happened.

There's countless aftershocks in the night, but it's lucky that we are safe. We tried to move as less as we can, so we can reserve our energy.

In the morning, we are prepared to escape. We had some coffee and sugar cubes (that's all we can get), and prepare to run away. The station is still shut down. The doctors divided into two group. The majority decided to stay until it is confirmed safe, and another 2 doctors which I followed decided to take the risky way to escape.

So, the escape plan starts. I don't know how they manage to get a taxi. We take a 2hrs ride to somewhere nearer to border of tokyo. Then we manage to find a station that there may be some trains passing by. I was lucky enough to follow them. They told me that this way is actually quite risky, because something may happen on the way, and we may not get back to the hotel anymore. But I am glad that they made a right choice.

After waiting for some time, the train comes. Everyone tried to get into the train, pushing each other (it was very unpleasant situation). The train was slanting, and some old people chose to stay in the station. Luckily the train didn't collapse, and we manage to get to tokyo border.

After get to tokyo, everything is in much better conditions, and I manage to get to my friends. Finally had some food.

I really want to thank those those doctors who had so many informations and saved my life. If not because of them, I may be someone who was wandering outside the station and don't know what to do. If not because of them I may still stay inside the hotel, where food and water supply is decreasing.

Hopefully people stuck in the rural area managed to get out.

Actually the aftermath is very scary. When there's no water, no food, no electricity, no water, no information, you really don't know what to do!

Compared to the people in Sendai, I think my case is still very light. Friends up there, take care.

The world is not fair


Sometimes I always think that....
Why I have to work so hard..
While other do not have to...
It is not fair!
Life is never fair..
But life is good.



Sometimes I always thought I have chosen the best for myself.
But when I look back...
I found that the other choices may be good too.
There's nothing called the best choice..
Only the choice that you think it is the best..

Kyoto Imperial Palace


Kyoto Imperial Palace was open for public at few weeks ago,for a very short period. Normally registration is needed for visiting it. I have never gone there before,so decided to go there to have a look :)
A side gate to enter the palace.. we like to go in through backdoor...
Don't know what is this building for??!! anyway,just take a pic...

Quite many people went there that day... though I think it's not so special..

Ikebana - Art of Japanese

I like the stone ground.. always imagine that some ninjas hide under the stone, and suddenly jump up to pawn me!! watch too much movies :p

Again,don't know what is this building for!!??
Another building...

The royal garden... Can I catch the fish inside the lake??!

I think these 2 dolls are scary at night

Anything special??? Just posing for taking pic

After we took the picture, an uncle came there and stared at the tree for so long.. He must be thinking,"what is so special there worrr???"... Our fault :@

The Golden Pavilion.. The wall is painted with gold $$

Must swing the bell hardly so the god can hear you

Our gang....

After that we went to 焼肉(yakiniku) for dinner...which is the best part of the day.... SShaaaa....yummy yummy...

Busy semester


This semester is so busy... and... same as usual,sleepy....zZZzzzZ..

Don't know why this jet engine is being put outside the lecture hall since 2 weeks ago? I'm just a bit curious about it and take a shot.

First day of school


When I met 宮内(miyauchi) at campus on the first day...

I:    このセメは...授業のときに絶対寝ない (In this sem, I will definitely not sleep in class)
宮内: 俺も。。三日間ねぇ (me too... for 3 days)

But then, we both slept in class at the first period of the first day.. I think it's not our fault..

Hanami 花見


Went to 花見(hanami) at 万博公園 yesterday. The weather suddenly became so warm yesterday.. and the sakura is blooming.. all over the park :)

In front of 太陽の塔 (tower of sun), which is the symbol of Osaka Expo Land (don't know that being held how many years ago) :p

The sun is so glaring.. we can't even open our eyes

The malaysians gang.. which is the noisiest inside the park..

Yoke Pin and I again

3 cockroaches.. we are cockroach-bothers in japan..

The sakura is so beautiful... with the nice smell

Dota gang.. I think Shao Ting played too much until his eyes become so small

Can you guess what is the age of this malay?? Don't be shocked if I tell you the answer

A silly man and a silly woman

Shao Ting said this is 'green sakura' .. after that new junior asked him too many questions about sakura..

Plum blossom

Went to a game centre after that.